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Delivery charges apply for any sized order within 15 miles of the nursery location. Contact your nearest location for price options inside and outside of this area.

What is a Crane Fee?

When buying larger, heavier specimen trees, getting the specimen in the right location makes all the difference for your landscape. When making large additions to yards, especially tight-fit corners, pools, hillsides, and other difficult to reach areas, we may require the use of a large crane. In order to keep costs down for our customers, we contract with third party crane operators, who have the flexibility in size, weight, and location applications. This way, we're able to have local crane operators, with the appropriately sized equipment for the job, meet us on location, immediately perform the work required, keeping the rental time (and cost) as low as possible. This system lets us avoid passing on expensive crane maintenance fees, insurance, operator/transit time, and labor costs to our customers, keeping the overall cost of your landscape project as low as possible.

We have relationships with crane contractors all over the valley, and will set up and run everything for you. We have crane contractors bill our customers directly for two reasons:

  1. You can clearly see the rate, size, and appropriate use of this equipment while keeping the crane operator liable for their actions.
  2. So that you're assured that we make absolutely nothing on this extra expense.
When we contact you to set up your delivery time, we'll utilize satellite mapping software to determine where you'd like to plant your large trees, and discuss whether a crane will be necessary. If so, we'll contact a local operator, negotiate the time and rate, and supply you with a quote. It's in our best interests to supply you with the best and lowest rate possible so you'll continue to use us for your landscaping needs.