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The Berrinda Ash is a rare ash variety that thrive in the southwest due to its ability to withstand the extreme weather conditions of the summer and winter months. The Berrinda Ash is easily identified by its smaller, dark green leaves and is resistant to aphids and pests. The leaves of the Berrinda Ash turn a rich gold or bright yellow color during the fall before becoming briefly deciduous in colder winters, requiring a once per year clean up. The Berrinda Ash grows to a near perfect shape with little to no maintenance and provides a dense cooling shade during the warm summer months. As the only local supplier of this rare ash variety, Moon Valley Nursery has the largest selection of Berrinda Ash that are ready to be planted during these hot summer months. If you’re looking for something a little different yet durable, the Berrinda Ash would make a unique addition to just about any landscape design.