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The Carob Tree has been used across the Southwest since before the 1970’s. A durable, evergreen shade-provider, the Carob Tree has a unique look and gets the job done when shade is needed. Though evergreen, this tree can produce more litter than other evergreen trees. Carob Trees come in male and female specimens, of which the female produces large numbers of bean pods which can be time consuming to clean up during the fall. The male trees produce a very strong, pungent odor during the fall season which some find unpleasant. Carob Trees are a rugged, strong evergreen choice for just about any southwestern landscape style. Utilize their unique look and be sure to supplement their growth with Moon Valley brand fertilizers – specially designed to help species like the Carob Tree reach their full potential.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have online products available for this species, but we have specimens available in most any size you may need. Please contact us with what your looking for (use our Live Chat, call 480-381-2932, or this form), and we'll get you images of our available selection.