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Delivery charges apply for any sized order within 15 miles of the nursery location. Contact your nearest location for price options inside and outside of this area.

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Delivery & Planting Services

Our courteous and experienced professional planting crews will deliver your desired trees and plants straight from our nurseries to your home or job site. We keep them equipped with the best tools & training to get the job done just right for you.

Each planting consists of us digging an appropriate sized hole for the tree, transferring the tree from the box or bucket, and properly treating the freshly planted tree with applications of Moon Valley brand fertilizers and mulch, including our Supercharged Moon Juice, designed specifically to assist trees in thriving from transplanting. All we require is access to water and the area of the yard where your new plants are going, and we'll take care of the rest. When selecting the area in which your new trees and plants are going, please ensure that there are no drip lines or drip systems, or move them, prior to our planting, as we can't be liable for rupturing water lines we're not aware of. For more information on our planting terms and conditions, please call (602) 337-8659.

We guarantee every tree we plant to grow, or we'll replace it at no charge to you. Nobody plants more trees and more efficiently than the crews of Moon Valley Nurseries!