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The Ficus nitida sometimes commonly referred to as the Indian Laurel is one of the all-time best selling shade trees. The Ficus nitida is a quick grower that provides a thick dense canopy of shade and has many uses for your landscape. The Ficus nitida is great at blocking out unwanted views, controlling noise from roadways, parks, or noisy neighbors and they are an extremely clean tree to plant.
Ficus Nitida Tree Ficus Nitida (Multi-Trunk)
Ficus Nitida
Ficus Nitida, known for growing to a perfect shape, keeping remarkably clean, and ease of growth, is easily our most popular evergreen. The handle the summer heat wonderfully making a great addition to any landscape.
Ficus Nitida
Get the thickest, widest and greenest shade all year long with the Multi-trunk Ficus! Ficus Nitidas, due to their dense growth, provide the most consistent shade of any shade trees grown in Arizona!
Ficus Nitida Columns
Ficus Nitida
This is by far the most popular choice for making an evergreen screen hedge! If you're looking for a hedge to protect your property or block a particular view... plant a row of Ficus Columns and the problem is solved!