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Ironwood trees are known for being exceptionally desert hardy, known to handle extreme droughts and most inclement weather. The Ironwood tree is a favorite to both homeowners and commercial properties alike, and is often used in landscape designs as a focal point or specimen tree. Aside from providing landscapes with exceptional spring color and vibrant blossoms, the thorns make this tree a great choice for screening property lines and providing security from unwanted guests. The Ironwood grows at a steady, methodical pace slower than other desert varieties, but establishes itself with great care and permanence, making the Ironwood a great choice to someone that wants less maintenance. Able to withstand the toughest Sonoran environments, Ironwoods make a great choice for a focal point of a landscape for their dependability and exceptional beauty

Clearance Trees are priced as "Cash & Carry", delivery & planting is additional. We recommend reserving your order online & selecting your clearance marked trees at the store to ensure your satisfaction with our product.