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$149.99 delivers any sized order within 15 miles of the nursery location. Contact us for options outside of this area.

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Piru Queen Palm California Fan Palm
Exclusively at Moon Valley Nurseries, Piru Queen Palms grow with thicker, harder trunks, greener fronds & fuller crowns. These palm trees are hardier to both heat and cold.
The California Fan Palm gives you that classic palm look people crave along with incredible reliability in our area.
Mexican Fan Palm Phoenix Reclinata
This is one of the best selling and easiest to grow palms that we carry. We have the largest quantity of Mexican Fan Palms available in the Western U.S.!
The Phoenix Reclinata, named for the network of reclining, curved fronds it displays, adds the formality and elegance of the traditional date palm with a free flowing and unique shape.
Pineapple Palm Date Palms
This large, robust palm is commonly called a pineapple palm, because it looks like a pineapple during the first decade of its growth.
These are the big marquee palm trees you see in shopping centers, business, malls, and amusement parks. These add instant appeal and class anywhere they're planted.