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Mastic trees are Mediterranean native that are becoming increasingly popular in the Southwest part of the United States because of how well they perform in desert sunlight. Mastic trees are evergreen, so they require very little clean-up, and tend to grow in a more conformed size and shape, making this a great low-maintenance tree for the inexperienced landscaper. Mastic trees cast a thick shade, and are great alongside pools where other shade trees might produce too much litter. Mastic trees, when pruning or maintenance is desired, are easy to control due to their moderate growth and thornless, even branch structure. Ideal for hedge material, property lines, or security screens, Mastic trees are a great solution to break down neighborhood noise and add privacy to your home as they carry their thick canopy year round. You can take a very hands-off approach to the Mastic, as they require little water to thrive, making them adaptable to almost any area in your landscape, even where irrigation may not be strongest.