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Mediterranean Fan Palms will never go out of style! Their unique appearance and compact size make them useful in many landscape designs. They're commonly used as a stand-alone focal point along walkways, around pools, or centered in a courtyard. They also make excellent accents to larger palms or near large landscape features. Mediterranean fan palms are extremely easy to grow and require very minimal pruning. Mediterranean Fan Palms are some of the most durable palms known. They absolutely thrive in intensely hot locations, require minimal water for a palm and survive our periods of freezing weather with little or no damage. For these palms night-time lighting effects, especially when spotlighted, illuminate the multi-trunk structure well, while the fronds cast unique shadow patterns on nearby walls.

Clearance Trees are priced as "Cash & Carry", delivery & planting is additional. We recommend reserving your order online & selecting your clearance marked trees at the store to ensure your satisfaction with our product.