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Delivery charges apply for any sized order within 15 miles of the nursery location. Contact your nearest location for price options inside and outside of this area.

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At Moon Valley Nursery, we have the utmost commitment to quality, which is why we take pride in the fact that we are the grower - this lets us control how our trees are cared for from seedlings to matured specimens. Because of the wide variety of sizes and species we carry, we end up making our own boxes, and then transplant the trees as they outgrow them. This allows us to sell the actual tree, and not the box it comes in. Our industry is locked into "box sizes", when the size of the box itself has nothing to do with the size of the actual tree. Too often do we see small trees being placed into much larger boxes just to drive the price up - you won't find that at Moon Valley. Regardless of the container that tree is in, we absolutely guarantee you're getting the biggest and nicest possible trees for your budget.

From time to time our customers feel comforted knowing the approximate container sizes of their new trees, which we've published below. Always check with us via live chat or the product page for more specific height & caliper information, and we'll get you the biggest tree at the best price - every time.

Super10-20 Gallon
Huge22 - 29" Box
Blockbuster30 - 35" Box
A Spec36" - 39" Box
B Spec40" - 46" Box
C Spec47" - 52" Box
D Spec53" - 59" Box
E Spec60" - 80" Box