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Because they are very durable, look great and can be used in many landscape designs, Pineapple palms are a huge seller across our area. When younger, these palms, resemble a large pineapple, which is where they get the name "pineapple palm". They grow slowly, eventually forming a wide trunk and the fronds begin to rise from the ground, creating a classic palm tree shape. Very dark green fronds and a clean unique growing style, make this palm a stately feature in just about any landscape style. Pineapple palms are featured in many exotic resorts around the world and can bring that same tropical flavor to your yard. We have all sizes available for residential and commercial planting.

Clearance Trees are priced as "Cash & Carry", delivery & planting is additional. We recommend reserving your order online & selecting your clearance marked trees at the store to ensure your satisfaction with our product.