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Delivery charges apply for any sized order within 15 miles of the nursery location. Contact your nearest location for price options inside and outside of this area.

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Available Tangerine Tree Varieties:

Dancy -  These are very juicy tangerines that ripen in early December.

Clementine (Algerian) - This medium size tree creates a very juicy, easy to peel fruit that holds well on tree.

Fairchild - A fruit tree with very compact growth, great flavor, and fruits well in the desert, these trees have very few thorns to avoid when harvesting.

Kinnow - A very late ripening, seedy tangerine that's very flavorful, aromatic, and peels very easily making them worth the wait.

Fremont - Most fruit bears at the tip of branches, and fruits heavily in alternate years, Grow very well in desert climates.

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Tangerine Trees for Sale Tangerine Trees for Sale Tangerine Trees for Sale