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The Tipu tree is becoming more and more popular every year - for good reason. Prized for it's almost ridiculous growth rate, home owners and commercial landscapers are finding the Tipu tree quite useful in many landscape designs. In the late Spring, the Tipus put on a very unique show of golden blooms over the entire tree. At this bloom time, as with most flowering trees, demand doubles or triples at our nurseries with many customers seeking Tipu trees. For the amount of shade they provide, combined with moderate water use, Tipus are always a sure bet when seeking large, wide shade.
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Huge Tipu Trees A-Spec Tipu B-Spec Tipu Trees
Our Price: $2,999.99
Our Price: $4,499.99
Tipu trees for sale Tipu Tree Tipu Tree
C-Spec Tipu Trees
Our Price: $4,999.99
Tipu Tree