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You dig the savings, We'll dig the holes!

Moon Valley Nurseries started with one small location in a neighborhood north of downtown Phoenix known as "Moon Valley".  Keeping things simple, owner Les Blake began this nursery with the name "Moon Valley Nursery".  One of the things that Les found in the early days was that folks were always asking about having trees planted. (Back then, it was rare to find a nursery that offered package pricing where the price of the tree or trees included planting and warranty.  In many cases, you had to contract with someone else to get the tree and do the planting.)

Moon Valley Nursery thus began offering it's "you buy it and we plant it" tree deals, where everything from design thru delivery and installation was performed by the nursery staff. This service was an immediate hit with clients and remains so to this day.  Word spread rapidly and because of these services it became apparent that a better supply was going to be needed for the future.

Realizing that buying trees from other suppliers didn't provide enough quantity, and quality ranged from good to not so good, Moon Valley Nursery also began growing its own trees in order to maintain the highest level of quality that their customers had come to expect.

Fast forward to the present day and you'll still find the same principles at work when you visit any of the numerous Moon Valley Nurseries in Arizona.  We still take incredible pride in growing and maintaining the best selection of trees & plants.  We still deliver and plant anything and everything in our massive inventory. Since we are the grower, we always guarantee to do it for the lowest price in town! All of our locations feature friendly staff members with many years of experience who believe in the same principles and are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers.

Whether you need just a tree or two, or an entire landscape, come see the Moon Valley difference for yourself.

Bigger trees, better service and always the best price… Guaranteed.

From our farms… to your yard!