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$149.99 delivers any sized order within 15 miles of the nursery location. Contact us for options outside of this area.

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GIFT10   $10 Gift Card
GIFT100   $100 Gift Card
GIFT200   $200 Gift Card
GIFT25   $25 Gift Card
GIFT50   $50 Gift Card
1yrwarranties-0002   1yr Extended Warranty "Huge" Tree
1yrwarranties-0001   1yr Extended Warranty "Super" Tree
warrantyext15-0001   1yr Extended Warranty "Super" Tree - Decline Extended Warranty
warrantyext15-0002   1yr Extended Warranty "Super" Tree - Extended Warranty - Online Sales Manager will contact you with details and pricing
fpalm808   8-0-8 Palm Supplement
zAspecplanting   A SPEC TREE PLANTING
ASPACA   A-Spec Acacia Anuera
ASPACS   A-Spec Acacia Saligna
ASPAZA   A-Spec Arizona Ash
ASPAUS   A-Spec Australian Bottle Trees
ASRBAS   A-Spec Bonita Ash
ASPBRA   A-Spec Brazilian Pepper Trees
ASPCAL   A-Spec California Pepper Trees
ASPCAB   A-Spec Carob Trees
ASRCCH   A-Spec Carolina Cherry
ASRCAT   A-Spec Catalpa Tree
ASPCHI   A-Spec Chilean Mesquite Trees
ASCRPP   A-Spec Chinese "Red Push" Pistache
ASPCHE   A-Spec Chinese Evergreen Elm Trees
ARCPM   A-Spec Crape Myrtle
ASPEUC   A-Spec Eucalyptus Tree
215   A-Spec Fan Tex Ash
ASFTA   A-Spec Fan Tex Ash Trees
ASPILC   A-Spec Ficus Nitida Column
ARFLP   A-Spec Flowering Pear Trees
ASPFRO   A-Spec Fruitless Olive
2104   A-Spec Honey Mesquite
ASICY   A-Spec Italian Cypress Trees
ASPJAC   A-Spec Jacaranda Trees
ASPJAPP   A-Spec Japanese Privet
ASPOAK   A-Spec Live Oak Trees
ASPMAG   A-Spec Magnolia Trees
603   A-Spec Majestic Beauty Ash
4100   A-Spec Mastic
ASPMAS   A-Spec Mastic Trees
MEDFANASPEC1   A-SPEC Mediterranean Fan Palm
ASPBMF   A-Spec Mexican Blue Palm
ASPMEXF   A-Spec Mexican Fan Palms
ASMPV   A-Spec Museum Palo Verde Trees
ASNME   A-Spec Native Mesquite Trees
ASPOLE   A-Spec Oleander Trees
ASPORC   A-Spec Orchid (Hong-Kong) Trees
211   A-Spec Palo Brea "multi trunk"
7235   A-Spec Palo Brea "multi trunk"
ASPBR   A-Spec Palo Brea Trees
ASPPINDO   A-Spec Pindo Palm
ASPPAPALM   A-SPEC Pineapple Palm
ASRPQpalm   A-Spec Piru Queen Palm
ASPECPLP   A-Spec Purple Leaf Plum Trees
1119   A-Spec Raywood Ash
221   A-Spec Raywood Ash
6809   A-Spec Raywood Ash
7135   A-Spec Raywood Ash
ASRRAY   A-Spec Raywood Ash Trees
408   A-Spec Sago Palm
ASRSHA   A-Spec Shamel Ash Trees
ASPSIS   A-Spec Sissoo Trees
ASPTEX   A-Spec Texas Ebony Trees
491   A-Spec Timber Bamboo
108   A-Spec Tipu
ASPVIT   A-Spec Vitex Tree
ASPWIL   A-Spec Willow Acacia Trees
ASPWMP   A-Spec Windmill Palm Trees
1125   Acacia Anuera #1125
7116   Acacia Anuera #7116
SHAGAVEAMERICANAVAR   Agave Americana Vareigated
AParryi   Agave Parryi (Parry's Agave)
SAgaveWeberii   Agave Weberii
Gapachepink   Apache Pink
cAppleA   Apple Trees 11-13 Years Old
cApple   Apple Trees 7-9 Years Old
cAppleBB   Apple Trees 9-11 Years Old
cApricotA   Apricot Trees 11-13 Years Old
cApricot   Apricot Trees 7-9 Years Old
cApricotBB   Apricot Trees 9-11 Years Old
Garizonabeige   Arizona Beige
ASPRECLINATA   ASP Phoenix Reclinata Palms
SHAZYB   AZ Yellow Bells
zBspecplanting   B SPEC TREE PLANTING
BSPACA   B-Spec Acacia Anuera
665   B-Spec Acacia Saligna
BSPAZA   B-Spec Arizona Ash Trees
BSPAUS   B-Spec Australian Bottle Trees
BSPBRA   B-Spec Brazilian Pepper Trees
BSPCAPP   B-Spec California Peppers
BSPCAB   B-Spec Carob Trees
2197   B-Spec Chilean Mesquite (Multi-trunk)
BSPCHI   B-Spec Chilean Mesquite Trees
BSPCRP   B-Spec Chinese "Red Push" Pistache
BSPCHE   B-Spec Chinese Evergreen Elm
BSPCRAP   B-Spec Crape Myrtle Trees
BSPECFNMULTI   B-SPEC Ficus Nitida Multi-trunk
BSPILM   B-Spec Ficus Nitida Multi-trunk
BSPILT   B-Spec Ficus Trees
BSPFLP   B-Spec Flowering Pear Trees
2101   B-Spec Fruitless Olive
BSICY   B-Spec Italian Cypress Trees
BSPJAC   B-Spec Jacaranda Trees
BSPOAK   B-Spec Live Oak Trees
602   B-Spec Majestic Beauty Ash
3069   B-Spec Mediterranean Fan Palm
2177   B-Spec Mexican Blue Palm
BSPMPV   B-Spec Museum Palo Verde Trees
BSPORC   B-Spec Orchid (Hong-Kong) Trees
7154   B-Spec Orchid Multi-trunk (Hong-Kong)
BSPECPAPALM   B-Spec Pineapple Palm
BSPPQP   B-Spec Piru Queen Palms
7229   B-Spec Raywood Ash
BSPSHA   B-Spec Shamel Ash Trees
BSPSIS   B-Spec Sissoo Trees
BSPTEX   B-Spec Texas Ebony Trees
BSPTIP   B-Spec Tipu Trees
BSPVIT   B-Spec Vitex Trees
BSPWIL   B-Spec Willow Acacia Trees
Gbajabrown   Baja Brown
BBACS   Blockbuster Acacia Saligna
BBAZA   Blockbuster Arizona Ash Trees
BRBERRINDA   Blockbuster Berrinda Ash
BBBIS   Blockbuster Bismarck Palm Trees
BBBPV   Blockbuster Blue Palo Verde
BBCAR   Blockbuster Carolina Cherry Trees
7128   Blockbuster Chinese Evergreen Elm
BBCHIT   Blockbuster Chitalpa Trees
BBCRAP   Blockbuster Crape Myrtle Trees
1151   Blockbuster Desert Willow
644   Blockbuster Desert Willow
BBDWL   Blockbuster Desert Willow Trees
BBFTA   Blockbuster Fan Tex Ash Trees
BBRFIC   Blockbuster Ficus Trees
BBFLP   Blockbuster Flowering Pear Trees
BBRFRO   Blockbuster Fruitless Olive
BBJAC   Blockbuster Jacaranda Trees
BBOAK   Blockbuster Live Oak Trees
2188   Blockbuster Mediterranean Fan Palm
BRMXFP   Blockbuster Mexican Fan Palms
BBMIM   Blockbuster Mimosa Trees
BBBZP   Blockbuster Multi-trunk Brazilian Pepper Trees
BBMCHI   Blockbuster Multi-trunk Chilean Mesquite Trees
BBMPV   Blockbuster Museum Palo Verde Trees
1157   Blockbuster Palo Brea
2114   Blockbuster Palo Brea
BBPAB   Blockbuster Palo Brea Trees
BBPPALM   Blockbuster Pindo Palm
BRPLP   Blockbuster Purple Leaf Plum
BRPDP   Blockbuster Pygmy Date Palms
BRRAY   Blockbuster Raywood Ash
2160   Blockbuster Sago Palm
BRSHA   Blockbuster Shamel Ash Trees
BBSIS   Blockbuster Sissoo Trees
BBTRI   Blockbuster Triangle Palms
SHBOUG   Bougainvillea
SHBOXB   Boxwood Beauty
Gbuckskinbrown   Buckskin Brown
zcspecplanting   C SPEC TREE PLANTING
CSPAZA   C-Spec Arizona Ash Trees
422   C-Spec Brazilian Pepper
CSPCAB   C-Spec Carob Tree
CSCRPP   C-Spec Chinese "Red Push" Pistache
CSPCHE   C-Spec Chinese Evergreen Elm Trees
3075   C-Spec Crape Myrtle (Pink)
CRELD   C-Spec Eldarica Pine
CSPFTA   C-Spec Fan Tex Ash Trees
CSPFICUS   C-SPEC Ficus Nitida
CSPILM   C-Spec Ficus Nitida Multi-trunk
CSPILT   C-Spec Ficus Trees
CSPFICUSMULTI   C-Spec Ficus Trees Multi Trunk
CSPJAC   C-Spec Jacaranda
BSPMBA   c-Spec Majestic Beauty Ash Trees
535   C-Spec Mediterranean Fan Palm
439   C-Spec Multi-trunk Piru Queen Palms
CSPMPV   C-Spec Museum Palo Verde Trees
CSPORC   C-Spec Orchid (Hong-Kong) Trees
CSPPAB   C-Spec Palo Brea Trees
7174   C-Spec Pindo Palm
CSPECPAPALM   C-Spec Pineapple Palm
CSPPQP   C-Spec Piru Queen Palms
BSRRAY   C-Spec Raywood Ash Trees
CSPRAY   C-Spec Raywood Ash Trees
CSPSHA   C-Spec Shamel Ash Trees
CSHA   C-SPEC Shoestring Acacia Trees
CSPSIS   C-Spec Sissoo Tree
CSPTIP   C-Spec Tipu Trees
SHCAPE   Cape Honeysuckle
7165   Carolina Cherry #7165
733   Carolina Cherry #733
3077   Crape Myrtle Multi-trunk (White) #3077
417   Crape Myrtle Mutli-trunk (Purple)
3076   Crape Myrtle Natchez Multi-trunk (White)
4113   Date Palm

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