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Delivery charges apply for any sized order within 15 miles of the nursery location. Contact your nearest location for price options inside and outside of this area.

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fDESERTJUICE   Desert Juice
DBLSTK   Double Staking
SHDOLE   Dwarf Oleander
L1812   E-Spec Blue Palo Verde
ESCAP   E-Spec California Pepper Tree
ESPMBA   E-Spec Majestic Beauty Ash
1yrwarranties   Extended Warranties
fStarterPack   Fertilizer Starter Pack
SHGARD   Gardenia
397   Giant Willow Acacia
CBarrelGolden   Golden Barrel
HCBarrelGolden   Golden Barrel
cGrapefruitA   Grapefruit Trees 11-13 Years Old
cGrapefruit   Grapefruit Trees 7-9 Years Old
cGrapefruitBB   Grapefruit Trees 9-11 Years Old
CHedgehogCactus   Hedgehog Cactus
SHHIBI   Hibiscus
HRACAS   Huge Acacia Saligna Trees
HRAZA   Huge Arizona Ash Trees
HSPAUS   Huge Australian Bottle Trees
HRBMP   Huge Bismarck Palms
HRBPV2   Huge Blue Palo Verde Trees
HRBBH   Huge Bottlebrush Hedge Trees
HRBBB   Huge Bottlebrush Trees
HRBZP   Huge Brazilian Pepper Trees (Single Trunk)
HRCAP   Huge California Pepper Trees
HRCAC   Huge Carolina Cherry Trees
HMCHM   Huge Chilean Mesquite Trees (Multi-trunk)
HRCEE   Huge Chinese Evergreen Elm Trees
HRCHP   Huge Chinese Pistache Trees
HMCMP   Huge Crape Myrtle Trees - Pink (Multi-trunk)
2112   Huge Desert Willow
HRDWT   Huge Desert Willow Trees
HREPT   Huge Eldarica Pine Trees
HEUC   Huge Eucalyptus Tree
HRFTA   Huge Fan Tex Ash Trees
HRINLC   Huge Ficus Nitida Columns
HRFIC   Huge Ficus Trees
HRFXP   Huge Foxtail Palms
HRIRN   Huge Ironwood Trees
HRICY   Huge Italian Cypress
HRJAC   Huge Jacaranda Trees
HUOAK   Huge Live Oak Trees
HRMAG   Huge Magnolia Trees
HRMDFP   Huge Mediterranean Fan Palms
HMBP   Huge Mexican Blue Palm
HRMXFP   Huge Mexican Fan Palms
HRMPV   Huge Museum Palo Verde Trees
HROCT   Huge Ocotillo
HROHP   Huge OleanderTrees
2174   Huge Pindo Palm
HRPAP   Huge Pineapple Palms
HRPQP   Huge Piru Queen Palms
HRPOD   Huge Podocarpus Trees
HRPLP   Huge Purple Leaf Plum Trees
5801   Huge Pygmy Date Palm
HRRAY   Huge Raywood Ash Trees
6801   Huge Sago Palm
HRSAG   Huge Sago Palm
1JRSP   Huge Sago Palms
HRSHA   Huge Shamel Ash Trees
HRSAC   Huge Shoestring Acacia Trees
HRSIS   Huge Sissoo Trees
HRTEB   Huge Texas Ebony Trees
HRTBB   Huge Timber Bamboo
HRTIP   Huge Tipu Trees
zHugetreeplanting   HUGE TREE PLANTING
HTRI   Huge Triangle Palms
HRVIT   Huge Vitex Trees
HRWLP   Huge Waxleaf Privet
HRWAC   Huge Willow Acacias Trees
HRWMP   Huge Windmill Palm Trees
2186   Ironwood #2186
242   Ironwood #242
3023   Ironwood #3023
7803   Ironwood #7803
103   Ironwood (Field-dug) #103
2185   Ironwood (Field-dug) #2185
JRBMP   Jumbo Bismarck Palms
JRBPV   Jumbo Blue Palo Verde #2R
JRFXP   Jumbo Foxtail Palms
JUMNEED   Jumbo Needle Palms
cKumquatA   Kumquat Trees 11-13 Years Old
cKumquat   Kumquat Trees 7-9 Years Old
cKumquatBB   Kumquat Trees 9-11 Years Old
cLemonA   Lemon Trees 11-13 Years Old
cLemon   Lemon Trees 7-9 Years Old
cLemonBB   Lemon Trees 9-11 Years Old
cLimeA   Lime Trees 11-13 Years Old
cLime   Lime Trees 7-9 Years Old
cLimeBB   Lime Trees 9-11 Years Old
MRBIS   Massive Bismarck Palm Specimens
MSPCAL   Massive California Pepper Trees
243   Massive Chilean Mesquite
MSPCRP   Massive Chinese "Red Push" Pistache
SHASHSPEC   Massive Shamel Ash Trees
7166   Mastic #7166
SHAGAVEMEDIO   Medio Picta Agave
FDMEXFAN   Mexican Fan Palm Field Dug
fMoonDust   Moon Dust Fertilizer
fMoonGreen   Moon Green
fMoonRoyale   Moon Royale Turf Fertilizer
2102   Native Mesquite #2102
2198   Native Mesquite #2198
2811   Native Mesquite #2811
2135   Natural Mesquite #2135
cNectarineA   Nectarine Trees 11-13 Years Old
cNectarine   Nectarine Trees 7-9 Years Old
cNectarineBB   Nectarine Trees 9-11 Years Old
COldMan   Old Man Cactus
cOrangeA   Orange Trees 11-13 Years Old
cOrange   Orange Trees 7-9 Years Old
cOrangeBB   Orange Trees 9-11 Years Old
cPeachA   Peach Trees 11-13 Years Old
cPeach   Peach Trees 7-9 Years Old
cPeachBB   Peach Trees 9-11 Years Old
731   Pineapple Palm Specimen
PF8212012   Planting Fee
cPlumA   Plum Trees 11-13 Years Old
cPlum   Plum Trees 7-9 Years Old
cPlumBB   Plum Trees 9-11 Years Old
cPomegranateA   Pomegranate Trees 11-13 Years Old
cPomegranateS   Pomegranate Trees 5-7 Years Old
cPomegranate   Pomegranate Trees 7-9 Years Old
cPomegranateBB   Pomegranate Trees 9-11 Years Old
PREMCALIFANPALM   Premium California Fan Palms
HCANLES   Premium Canary Island Palms
Resort-Date-Palm-Premium   Premium Date Palms
PREMPHXRECLINATA   Premium Phoenix Reclinata Palms
230   Purple Leaf Plum #230
306   Purple Leaf Plum #306
614   Purple Leaf Plum #614
7163   Purple Leaf Plum #7163
CPURPPRICKLY   Purple Prickly Pear
SHAGAVEQUEENVIC   Queen Victoria Agave
SHRYUC   Red Yucca
6DPROW   Resort Style Date Palms 20-25 ft.
BBRPMT   Rhapis Palm
fSoilWater   Soil & Water Conditioner
2180   Spec Mediterranean Fan Palm
SHSOLE   Standard Oleander
SRAZA   Super Arizona Ash Trees
SRBPV   Super Blue Palo Verde Trees
SRCHE   Super Chinese Evergreen Elm Trees
SRCMB   Super Crape Myrtle Bush
SRFTA   Super Fan Tex Ash Trees
SRILC   Super Ficus Nitida Columns
SRFIC   Super Ficus Trees
SRICY   Super Italian Cypress
SRJAC   Super Jacaranda Trees
SROAK   Super Live Oak Trees
SRMFP   Super Mediterranean Fan Palms
SRMXF   Super Mexican Fan Palms
SRMPV   Super Museum Palo Verde Trees
SROCT   Super Ocotillo
SROHR   Super Oleander Hedge Trees
fPalmJuice   Super Palm Juice
SRPAP   Super Pineapple Palms
SRPQP   Super Piru Queen Palms
SRPDP   Super Pygmy Date Palms
SRRAY   Super Raywood Ash Trees
SRSIS   Super Sissoo Trees
SRTXE   Super Texas Ebony Trees
SRBBA   Super Timber Bamboo
zSuperplanting   SUPER TREE PLANTING
SRVIT   Super Vitex Trees
SRWMP   Super Windmill Palm Trees
fMoonJuice   Supercharged Moon Juice
SCitrus   SuperCitrus
cTangeloA   Tangelo Trees 11-13 Years Old
cTangelo   Tangelo Trees 7-9 Years Old
cTangeloBB   Tangelo Trees 9-11 Years Old
cTangerineA   Tangerine Trees 11-13 Years Old
cTangerine   Tangerine Trees 7-9 Years Old
cTangerineBB   Tangerine Trees 9-11 Years Old
CChollaTeddyBear   Teddy Bear Cholla
2103   Texas Ebony #2103
2110   Texas Ebony #2110
2195   Texas Ebony #2195
4106   Texas Ebony #4106
4118   Texas Ebony #4118
427   Texas Ebony #427
7111   Texas Ebony #7111
7227   Texas Ebony #7227
7228   Texas Ebony #7228
FGWMP   Windmill Palms Field Grown

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